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Expert Care & Office/Medical Staff

I broke my wrist over on a Sunday and less than one week later, I was on an accelerated path to recovery. I cannot overstate how much the prescription of care, expertise of my surgeon, and efficiency of his staff are responsible for my amazing progress. I saw Dr. Patterson on a Tuesday afternoon and the next morning I was in surgery to fix the fracture and instability of my wrist. I was in physical therapy the next day and after two days, my range of motion of my hand, fingers, and wrist was impressive. One week out, and although still working hard to gain strength and mobility back for many more weeks, I feel as though I will be back to almost normal very soon - and much sooner than I would have without Dr. Patterson. Dr. Patterson's administrative assistant Beth was able to coordinate all the pre-op work for a next morning surgery. This was unbelievable to me. His entire medical support staff are the most competent staff that I have encountered in a medical office. I feel fortunate that Dr. Patterson was recommended to me for my wrist fracture. Dr. Patterson's surgery on my wrist will ensure that I am able to remain fit and active.

- Karen S.

Weekend Warrior trusts Dr. A!

I play competitive sports, surf and skate like a kid. Over the years, my ice hockey habit has resulted in several "doctor visits". Even though our hockey is no-check, it's certainly not "no-contact". Recently, in my mid fifties, I suffered a torn ACL, bringing me back to Dr. A for the most serious injury I've suffered. I'm writing this to share my delight with DOS and especially with Dr A. He inspires confidence and has never failed to fix me up. If you're a banged-up weekend warrior like me and you refuse to give-up on the athlete inside you, go see him. He's confident, solid and expert at what he does. Consider this full throated endorsement.

- Don S.

Great Experience

Had a great experience here. Dr Xing was extremely helpful and took the time to help me when I didn't understand things. Will definitely come back to her in the future.

- Lance D.

Serious About Helping People

I have been going here 10 years or more. The staff tries very hard to help you. Dr Xing is tough, but fair. I know that she is serious about helping people, but not contributing to the opioid crisis. She and her staff have been able to help me with my pain.

- Mary G.

Highly Recommended

Dr Xing is very proficient and very good at her nerve blocks. I have been coming to Dr Xing for 5 plus years and I have NO negative feedback, in this time. I highly recommend her for your pain management needs! I don't use her for Pain Management, but I do use her for my injection needs!

- James C.

Brilliant & Personable

Dr Townsend is both brilliant and personable. A rare combination. His staff is highly trained and also very personable. Together they make a great team. Based upon my experience, I highly recommend them.

- Tom M.

Compassionate & Trustworthy

Dr Townsend was professional and has excellent bed side manners. I had carpal tunnel surgery on both hands. From the first visit to post surgery he and the staff were compassionate and trustworthy. I highly recommend Dr Townsend!! May God bless you and the surgery center.

- Dana W.

#1 In My Book

Dr. Townsend is an excellent surgeon. He and his staff are very caring, patient and make you feel at ease. He takes time to explain the procedure and your recovery process. I have had several surgeries over the years and my experience with Delaware Orthopedic Specialists from the front desk, nurses and Surgery Center was excellent. They are #1 in my book. Thank you Dr. Townsend for taking good care of me.

- Betty D.

Knowledgeable, Professional and Kind

I recently had a traumatic fall and Dr. Tainter was the surgeon who recently repaired my fractured femur and hip. Because I was in the emergency room at Christiana Hospital he was assigned to me as a surgeon. I was not able to choose a doctor I would like to have and could not do research on him as this surgery was done through the emergency room and was not elective.
He was not only professional and knowledgeable, but very kind. I would recommend this physician to my friends and family if necessary. I could not have been more pleased with the amount of time he spent with me and the patients he had as he answered my questions during a very painful and emotional time in my life. I am under the age of 50 so the experience of such fractures was pretty devastating.

- Suzanne G.

The Very Best

In this day and age, it is almost impossible to find a surgeon, or any other doctor for that matter, to actually sit and spend time with you, answer any and all questions you might have, care enough to honor your pain and investigate what might be causing it, and cheer for your progress and healing. Dr, Tainter is this surgeon. He is the perfect combination of excellent surgical skills and a wonderful bedside manner. It is evident that Dr. Tainter is fully committed to being the very best surgeon he can be and committed to the best of outcomes for his patients, Having been the victim of a bad car accident , requiring two surgeries on two different limbs, on a day when no other trauma surgeons were available and needing one who would be willing to come up to Wilmington Hospital to treat me, my husband and I could not be more grateful that that doctor was Dr, Tainter! We are very grateful for his care!

- Beth W.

5 Stars

Being there for the first time was really a nice experience

- Juan V.


I was suffering with lingering symptoms from a concussion, such as light sensitivity, sound sensitivity, and not being able to walk around the block. Dr. Rowlands has an excellent bedside manner and clearly explains the medicine. After the first epidural in my neck, I was able to walk again. It was miraculous! I am very grateful for Dr. Rowlands expertise and deep knowledge. I highly recommend Dr. Rowlands!

- Deirdra D.


Very caring staff. Dr.Roland knows his stuff, whatever Ivy League school he attended shows in his expertise and precision, that he executed with accuracy to precisely help relieve the 10 or more pain in my 66 year old worn out back problems. Don’t let me forget to say he has a great bedside manor. More young doctors need to learn from him. I want to give a big THANK YOU to him and all his staff that follows him from location to location. I like the familiar faces at my appointments.

- Dumber D.

I Was in the Best Hands

From day 1 that I’ve met Dr.Rowlands and his entire team, I immediately felt a trust in knowing that I was in the best hands. Since 2016 I’ve visited frequently for multiple procedures and with each one, there was a determination that I’ve seen in this team, that proves to me that they will do everything they possibly can to help you with pain, and keep you informed on everything thing they offer for your care! I love these guys! Look no further for a Dr. that is genuine, and truly cares about your well being. Dr. Rowlands is awesome, and has changed my live! Thank You so much!

- John J.

Truly a Great Doctor

Dr. Principe has been my third ortho specialist I have been to and I will never go to anyone else ever again. His bed side manner for my two surgeries have been fantastic and has always followed up personally every time I’ve called about a question from recovery. I’ve had doctors at other practices that all they talked about was how happy they were with the surgery came out and the first thing Dr. Principe said to my family after my surgery was how I was doing after my surgery. Truly a great doctor.

- Lizz L.

Huge Success

I had severe arm trauma from an accident playing sports and I was recommended immediately to Dr. Principe. He did not disappoint. He saw me right away the next day, got me into surgery as soon as he could and the operation was a huge success. I had a faster recovery than I ever could imagine. Dr. Principe was also a pleasure to deal with - courteous and also explained everything I needed to know about the injury, surgery and recovery. I would highly recommend Dr. Principe and his staff at Del Ortho.

- Ari B.

Spectacular Doctor

I was super nervous picking an orthopedic specialist since I just moved to the area & I am by far very happy with my choice! Dr. Principe is a spectacular doctor, very honest, & to the point. The office itself is quick, and welcoming. I can’t thank this team enough for being so great!

- Danielle R.

Friendly & Knowledgeable

Dr. Palma was friendly and knowledgeable. He took his time and explained my diagnosis and treatment plan. The whole office was friendly. Overall the atmosphere was excellent and the office was bright and clean.

- Christina F.

Great Group!

Dr. Palma and his staff did an amazing job handling my care. When I tore my biceps tendon I was a little lost. I wasn’t sure where to turn. DOS worked hard to get me in right away and I ended up having surgery in the same week. They have also provided excellent care for me throughout my recovery. I will be making sure to recommend DOS and Dr. Palma to all of my friends and clients in the future. Great group!

- Josh H.

Nothing But Great Things To Say

I have nothing but great things to say about Dr Mesa. From time of injury, now 6 months post surgery, he has been fantastic.
Very personable, no sugar coating, trustworthy.

- Carmen B.

Wonderful Doctor

Dr. Cooper is a Wonderful Doctor. He took me on after another doctor messed up on two other surgeries. Thanks to Dr. Cooper, I'm healed.

- Mary O.

Couldn't Be Happier

I couldn't be any happier with picking Dr. Cooper for my abdominoplasty surgery. This doctor is amazing. He listens, answers everything, explains so I understand and is friendly. He truly is good at what he does and takes pride in his work. Im at the end of recovery right now and feel and look amazing!!! I now feel like myself and couldn't be any happier. Best decision having Dr. Cooper. I will be recommending Dr. Cooper to others.

- Wendy B.

Impressed & Happy!

Dr. Patel was curteous, kind, and very knowledgeable. He listened! He explained my xrays in detail and answered all my questions w/o hurrying my appointment. I was impressed and happy w/the time he spent w/me. He represents the younger generation of docs admirably.

- Sandra C.

Overall great care!

Easy to schedule, staff was friendly and accommodating, Dr. had great bedside manner, overall great care and very efficient.

- Karen J.

Miracles Can Still Happen!

This note is right up there with Miracles Can Still Happen. On November 1, I was out there on the pickleball court playing my 80+ year old heart out. Suddenly I found myself floored...as in on it! My right arm saving my back and head...but not my wrist. Off to Dr. Patterson I was taken. In his quiet manner he assured me that the wrist was indeed badly injured, but that he could help me. He may have uttered "back to normal" or close to it!

With a minimum of fuss, he re-aligned the errant bone(s), wrapped the wrist and scheduled a surgery for several days later. Surgery occurred in a timely manner. Was given an appointment for a week later. Here, I got the full report and solution to this broken appendage. He was very pleased to have been able to make one 3-l/2" incision and slip in a plate (5 screws) to stabilize the bones. He sent me home without my temporary cast....I pleaded for its return!! He instructed me to do whatever I felt I could, having only minimal pain. I did as suggested! I started physical therapy and dutifully did my exercises. Had minor pain during this period. Bottom line, I was out on the court again on November 30....cautious YES! But being out there again...AMAZING! The physician, the procedure, the whole experience was smooth--totally professional. And yes, I feel I am pretty much "back to normal"!!

My Thanks to all who were involved!!

- Nancy G.

Dr. Galinat - Kudos to you!

Dr. Brian Galinat - kudos to you! 

I am writing this because of the wonderful job Dr. Galinat did on my right shoulder. It was broken terribly and no one else would operate becuase of my age - 78 - and were going to let it 'heal naturally'. In stepped the good doctor to the rescue. Now, 1 year later, he discharged me today with a better than expected result. I am so grateful for his caring and expertise in shoulder surgery that I just wasnted all who read this to know not everyone gives up on you. Thanks again, Dr. Galinat!!

- JoAnn W.


Thank you Dr. Galinat for taking such good care of my knee. I know that when I get to play tennis and ski again, I will be doing so on a much improved knee. Maybe my tennis play and skiing will improve too!

- Anonymous


I want to thank Dr. Galinat very much for helping me get my shoulder in shape and pretty quickly too. I knew something was wrong because my shoulder didn’t feel right. Now it feels fine, thanks to your method. I started working with a trainer at the Y to build strength in my shoulder and the rest of my body to keep it strong. The Wilmington, Delaware community is fortunate to have a superior orthopedic surgeon of your caliber. I also want to thank your wonderful staff as well.

- Anonymous


Thank you, thank you, thank you to Dr. Galinat for enabling me to get my shoulder and back strengthened. I’m in the best shape than I’ve ever been. I have been working with a trainer and they follow your exercises on Prevention and Recovering from Shoulder Injuries.

- Anonymous


I am a RN and have been a patient of Dr. Voltz’s for the past two years. He has treated me for several different ailments. His diagnostic skills are top notch. He takes his time and allows you not to feel rushed. I especially like the fact that Dr. Voltz sits down with you and explains the problem and plan of care with you. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Voltz to my co-workers and family.

- Nancy R.


I was very pleased with Dr. Voltz. I was experiencing difficulty walking due to inflammation of my knee. He suggested trying several techniques before we decided on a total knee replacement. I liked that it wasn’t just a “you have to have surgery” right from the start. We tried other things first. Office and staff were excellent. Thank you!

- Margaret D.


Dr. Voltz has been a wonderful doctor to me and my two children as we’ve worked through various sports and other orthopedic injuries. For my children, who are very competitive high school athletes, Dr. Voltz works to find the most efficient and effective path to recovery that can get them back into training or competition as quickly as possible. For mine and their injuries, he is very meticulous in gathering all of the information needed (through X-Rays, MRIs, and other tests) to ensure that he is thoroughly understanding our problems and prescribing the best solutions. On top of all of that, Dr. Voltz has an excellent “bedside manner” – explaining our problems in a friendly, clear and understandable way.

- Marianna T.


I want to thank Dr. Rubano and his team for everything they’ve done for me. I am able to walk properly because of you. You are an excellent doctor and I cannot thank you enough. My experience for both my knee operations have been positive. You are very kind and sensitive. My heartfelt thanks to you and everyone who was on your team. Competent and sensitive physicians like you are the prize and asset to the medical profession.

- D. C.


I had the privilege of finding Delaware Orthopaedic Specialists as a result of a broken ankle from slip and fall on ice. Dr. Voltz’s use of an honest, upfront approach when assessing all treatment options was amazing. After ordering an MRI for chronic back problems, was able to return my disability from employment into back to work status through physical therapy and proper home care treatments. Great job!

- Chris S.


Dr. Rubano, you certainly have a God given talent in doing what you do. I am so thankful and grateful that I had my hip replacement. You did good!

- Linda M.


I recently ran the Tokyo Marathon and although I have the typical physical issues that go along with a race, the major concerns with my knees had absolutely no impact or posed any challenge to the race. I had no pain at all in my knees, not even the more severe left knee. My hips had minimal discomfort at best. As a Masters Distance runner, I believe our HCP’s are partners in our training and an integral part of an athlete’s success and Dr. Rubano is an excellent example of that partner. For this last race in Japan, he helped make a very challenging course very manageable and comfortable. So thank you!

- Neil G.


I wanted to thank you for the great work you did on my left humerus. I can’t believe how quickly I have been able to regain movement in my arm and shoulder after 5 physical therapy sessions. You did a fabulous job! I am grateful that you were there to piece my arm back together. I can say there was a blessing and a miracle in my life that day when I ended up as your patient. I am forever grateful.

- Dena B.


From the very first time my family and I met Dr. Quercetti, we knew he was the right guy for the task at hand. He was my trauma surgeon at Christiana Hospital and handled most of my recovery appointments. He was thorough with the details of my surgery and recovery. Dr. Quercetti has excellent bedside manner and never skips a beat when he works with his patients. I’m proud to say I was in great hands with him.

- Jordan A.


Thanks to Dr. Nicholas Quercetti and his entire team, I am on my way to a full recovery after a successful elbow surgery. My injury and subsequent surgery required two plates and six screws. Like most people who are facing surgery, pain is sometimes replaced with anxiety and the thought of a long recovery. Dr. Quercetti sensed my anxiety and quickly put me at ease. His calming demeanor helped immensely in the days preceding my surgery, and post surgery as well. I’m quite sure that surgeries like mine could be considered as routine for many Surgeons. Dr. Quercetti gave me peace of mind as he explained the procedure and recovery process, which helped me get through my surgery and recovery. The office staff truly shares Dr. Quercetti’s concern for patients, and I can’t say enough on how they too made me feel at ease during every office visit. I would recommend Dr. Quercetti and his staff to anyone requiring surgery. I am forever grateful for all he and his staff did for me during this difficult time.

- Debbie M.


Dear Dr. Quercetti, on June 22 I was attacked by a pitbull and suffered severe injuries to my left arm. I want to thank you for your care and the skill in saving my arm. Over the weeks you performed 8 surgeries and I was so grateful to have you as my surgeon. You were always caring and thoughtful which meant a lot. It’s been a long 4 months but I am finally bandage free. The scarring is minimal to which I attribute to your incredible skill. I have very little feeling in parts of my arm but thanks to you, I still have it. Thanks again for being not only a highly skilled surgeon but also a compassionate human being. As I approach my 87thbirthday, I am so happy that you were my doctor.

- Paul D


I just want to thank Dr. Patterson so much for being such a good doctor to me. My hand and elbow have healed fabulously and there is very little numbness left. I really appreciate your kind, thorough and attentive way. I wish that all doctors were as great as you. Keep up the excellent work.

- M.H.


Dr. Patterson, you truly saved my hand and wrist with your magic reconstruction and creative use of metals. After one year, I am still marveled at the amazing job you did! Thank you DOS and Doug, you are the best!

- Debbie C.


Dr. Paul Kupcha performed my Achilles Tendon surgery in August of 2013. The surgery was a success. As I’m still in therapy, I also have follow up appointments with Dr. Kupcha and his PA. The level of professionalism and courtesy has been outstanding to say the least! Dr. Kupcha for starters has excellent bedside manner along with his staff. Each time I’ve gone for my follow up, Dr. Kupcha has provided outstanding service, given great advice and also asks how my family is doing, which is rare for some physicians. You can’t put a price on that level of service. Additionally, I don’t want to leave out his receptionists as they too have been welcoming during each visit. I pray I don’t have another injury requiring an Orthopedic Surgeon, but if I do, Dr. Kupcha and team will be my choice.

- Orlando A.


After fracturing my ankle in Florida on November 8th and flying home, Dr. Kupcha accommodated me and saw me on the same day of my arrival from Florida. His prognosis was very detailed and accurate. He advised me that of my options, surgery vs. allowing it to heal on its own, pointing out that it would take the same amount of time to heal. I selected natural healing. Follow up visits have been very informative and positive. I hope I never get hurt again, but if I do, I will go back to Dr. Kupcha without hesitation.

- Jose M.


I became acquainted with Dr. Gelman over 20 years ago. My family doctor needed the services/guidance of an orthopedic physician. Dr. Gelman’s knowledge and assistance during this frightening ordeal came to a healthy conclusion. Again, I have been and still am a patient of Dr. Gelman regarding any problem needing orthopedic expertise. My satisfaction is due to Dr. Gelman’s approach – right-to-the-point and that is what I expect from any physician. His way above-par diagnostic knowledge absolutely gives me the confidence that his advice will be the course to take to become as healthy as age and circumstances allow. I have never been disappointed by any other physician/services he recommends. More importantly, scheduling an appointment is certainly acceptable. One does not have to wait months while trying to deal with pain and/or anxiety. To me, this is most respectful to the patient making such a request. Thank you to Dr. Gelman and his staff.

- Frances C.


I would simply assess Dr. Eskander as a top health care physician/provider. Giving him a number will express his humanity, humbleness and excellence for his patients, specifically me. I met him in difficult circumstances, while he was not yet part of this practice. His knowledge, great dedication and patient centric attitude, made me forget, if that is possible, a horrendous experience with another physician. What he represents as a doctor and a caring human being has continued through all my encounters with him. Because of this, I followed him to DOS and I’m highly satisfied and grateful. He is simply a well rounded person and a top physician. My husband and children join me in wishing Dr. Eskander a satisfying, long and successful career.

- Luz R.


I met Dr. Eskander 2 years ago when he was first starting at Christiana. My mom had severe spinal stenosis and was in severe debilitating pain. The first time she met him she told him things were so bad she wished she were dead. He spent so much time with us that day and ended up admitting her to the hospital. She had a wagon load of medical issues and he had to get medical clearance for her from 3 other docs. We were a mess to say the least. After surgery he always made sure that he kept me up to date on what was going on. She required more care after surgery and was placed in a facility. Every time she saw him he spent time making sure she was ok and comfortable. He treated her with such care and kindness, something you don’t see in every doctor. I never really had a chance to thank him for how wonderful he treated her. So when I needed surgery he was the only choice. My symptoms were getting worse at a time when my mom just had a heart attack and was dying of heart and kidney failure. Erin worked with my tight schedule to help plan my appointments and surgery. They were very sympathetic to my problems. After surgery my insurance was a problem and Erin spent a great deal of time working with me. Thank goodness last Friday Dr. Eskander called my insurance company and was able to get it resolved. He and his team go over and above and they are wonderful people to deal with.

- Linda S.


Dr. Steve Dellose is a most inspirational, innovative surgeon. He is always confident, comforting and compassionate with a smile. He took that extra moment to share additional insight or calm my anxieties as I approached the next stage of the healing process. I was fortunate and honored to be included in some of his latest creative techniques. In the early stages of my total knee replacement he detailed how I could guarantee my own success with a positive attitude and a dedicated physical therapy conviction. His philosophy permeates throughout the entire office, his surgical team and even his patients. We all sang the same tune…”your rehabilitation is dependent on your own efforts”…”it is very important to get your leg straight”…”0”degrees” the “sooner the better”…..”your recovery will be so much faster”…..How could I not listen and work even harder to achieve great results…..and I did!…Thank you Steve…..you are the epitome of the word “healer”. You have given me my life back.

- Joe A.


Between three children and 8 different high school sports, our family has spent many hours visiting Dr. Bley’s office. We appreciate his expertise in diagnosing sports related injuries. He is thorough with diagnosing issues and attentive to the kids’ desire to return to sports activities. Dr. Bley is candid with his recommendations so my children have known the expectations needed for a quick recovery and the attention needed to an injury to make the return to activities timely. Dr. Bley efficiently informs the proper channels of any diagnosis so the high school’s trainer, coaches and teachers are aware of injuries and the proper restrictions that are suggested for the recovery. Dr. Bley has a great manner with students and parents. I appreciate his care and would highly recommend Dr. Bley and his office for any sports injury or need.

- Debbie L.


Dr. Bley performed a needle tenotomy guided by ultrasound in January 2014 for my tennis elbow. He is the consummate professional who listens to his patients’ concerns. His skill level is excellent and most important respects his patients. An excellent healthcare professional.

- Thomas K.


For the past year I have had a minor rotator cuff injury that had not responded to exercise, massage or physical therapy. In fact, some of these modalities actually made it feel worse. Being a physician and an active workout enthusiast I needed to find something more effective and yet not totally invasive. I had the excellent fortune to find Dr. Bradley Bley who used his innovative techniques to both diagnose and treat the problem. Prior to working with Dr. Bley I’d only been able to discover surgical remedies, which created disability and potential side effects. Dr. Bradley Bley combines the acumen, skill and compassionate personality of the true physician. He is a treasure in our community and works with a stellar practice. I do not hesitate to highly recommend him to other clients and have already done so.

- Robert A.


Dr. Bradley Bley is the epitome of a gifted orthopedic specialist, not only because he is attentive to my needs, but also because he brings the gifts of healing. At each visit he reviews sources of pain, inquires about any changes worth noting, and then proceeds to have his capable assistant set me up for treatment. A pillow to cradle my head or support my body can make a difference. They’re a team. When inserting a syringe into my joints for guided injections, he explains each step along the way…letting me know what to expect and what is happening. When he has finished treatment, I know that I will be relatively pain free for several months, supported by prescribed medication. At 88, I have a quality of life, thanks to Dr. Bradley Bley.

- Bobbette M.


I have been to Dr. Bley for several different problems. He has always been very caring while also educating me about my problem and taking care of it. He has done injections under the guidance of ultrasound and I really don’t feel them. He and his staff have improved my quality of life and I highly recommend him to everyone.

- Carol S.


It has been six months since you operated on my shoulder for a torn rotator cuff. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the very successful outcome I achieved as a result of your expertise. My whole experience with you and your very professional staff has been wonderful. You are to be commended on the practice that you run. Every single person I encountered did an excellent job. All personnel conducted themselves in a very capable manner, my questions were answered on a timely basis, appointment times were kept, and it appeared to me that your staff truly enjoys their work. I have full range of motion, with no pain, and am cautiously working on strengthening exercises. Again, thank you very much!

- Henry G.

A Long Active Life

I recently had my right knee replaced by Dr. Steven Dellose. I also had my left knee replaced in 2008 after many years of being in pain. My knee problems stemmed from my athletics when I began contact sports around 10 years of age until I ended my contact sports around 35 years of age. Prior to having either knee replaced, I received a series of shots in my knees to see if that would ease the pain. Unfortunately, the shots were not effective, and I needed to schedule surgery. It was reassuring to know that Dr. Dellose and his staff were there to guide me through that process. I am very grateful for the care I received from Dr. Steven Dellose, Joseph Cassidy and Christine LaFashia of Delaware Orthopaedic Specialists. The counseling they provided prior to my surgery along with the treatments, surgery, and finally, rehabilitation, has enhanced my life. I am looking forward to a long active life with

my wife, children and grandchildren.

- William C.

Gave Me the Best Gift Ever

My husband and I want to thank Dr. Galinat for all of his care and support. It has been a long 10 years of pain and discomfort. After many years of different prognosis, physical therapy, etc. we were sent to Dr. Galinat. My previous surgeon in VA was able to diagnose the problem, but he said Dr. Galinat was the best. He told us he “read the book on this type of surgery” but Dr. Galinat “wrote the book.” We then had hope. Immediately after my surgery, the pain was gone, and so far, has not returned. You not only gave my husband back his wife, you gave me back my quality of life. You gave me the best gift ever and I will always be grateful.

- Anonymous

Very Kind and Caring

I just want to thank you for the care you’ve given me over the last 5 months since I injured my rotator cuff. You both have been very kind and caring the whole time. You always take the time to answer my questions and explain things to me in detail, using words I can understand. Morgan, you always answered my emailed questions quickly and accurately. You conduct yourself in a very professional manner, but at the same time you are very friendly. Your kindness always came through. Dr. Galinat, you always took the time to answer my questions thoroughly. You explained very technical things in a way I could understand them. I enjoyed talking golf with you. I felt like you really understood how disappointed I was to not be able to play in our annual Myrtle Beach golf outing. I appreciate how you handled my rehabilitation, taking it very slowly and making me wait 3 months to start PT, in spite of my impatience. I see now that was the best course of action.

- Darrell D.

Getting Around and Doing Well

Thank you to Dr. Rubano for my Mom’s first hip surgery in the spring. We drove to the top of the mountain and she made a short walk to the peak with her Rollatur! Thank you for making it possible. She is getting around and doing well. I cannot thank you enough!

- Anonymous

Challenging Arthritis

I have degenerative osteoarthritis that has moved into my feet. I can no longer run distances and the pain can be quite severe. Dr. Perscky spent a lot of time with me going over my x-rays and MRI. She explained everything in simple English and gave me quite a few alternatives to managing the pain and mobility. I have never had a doctor take that much time at each visit. She patiently listened and answered all my questions. She even re-laced my sneakers to alleviate the pain. I will continue to see her as needed and am so pleased to have found such a knowledgeable, patient and kind doctor.

- Pam W

Dr. Ward

Dr. Ward was truly excellent to my daughter. He was very professional, kind, respectful, thorough, and gave very helpful medical advice. I felt the concern (possible stress fracture ankle) was very well addressed.

- Previous Patient

Shoulder Surgery

I first met Dr. Andrisani in Jan of 2017 when I had a left shoulder that was causing discomfort. After an MRI he ordered, he indicated the rotator cup was strained but not detached. He gave me a chortisone shot, which alleviated the discomfort. I was also introduced to the Dr,s enthusiasm for baseball. Later that year l reinsured the same shoulder and returned to Dr. Andrisani, where another MRI indicated a torn rotator cup. He recommended surgery. Surgery was performed as scheduled, during which additional shoulder damage was discovered and corrected. My experience with Dr. Andrisani and everyone of the staff I encountered were professional, courteous and efficient. The post operative treatment was informative and closely coordinated with the physical therapy. My experience with DOS , Dr. Andrisani, and staff exceeded all expectations.

- Bob R.

Dr. Eichenbaum is the Greatest!

My elbow had multiple fractures and dislocation! Dr Eichenbaum performed the complicated repair surgery within 12 hours of the accident! I had to be transported from Sussex County, DE, (where NO other surgeon would touch the needed procedure) to New Castle County, where the challenging procedure to repair my elbow was promptly performed by Dr. Eichenbaum. I use my arm, now, as if nothing had ever happened. The Dr. as well as the staff were all fantastic, professional and caring. I loved going to all my follow up appointments.

- Carol S.

Never Skips a Beat

From the very first time my family and I met Dr. Quercetti, we knew he was the right guy for the task at hand. He was my trauma surgeon at Christiana Hospital and handled most of my recovery appointments. He was thorough with the details of my surgery and recovery. Dr. Quercetti has excellent bedside manner and never skips a beat when he works with his patients. I’m proud to say I was in great hands with him.

- Jordan A.

Recent Appointment with Dr. Kupcha

My first appointment with Dr. Kupcha went extremely well. I did not feel that I was just a number. Dr. Kupcha spent time with me explaining the problem with my right foot. He is not one to jump in and say I need surgery right away. He is going a different approach with a walking brace that will enable me to walk with less pain and hopefully I will not need surgery. I can’t say enough about the office staff how professional they were and most helpful. I was also most appreciative of how soon I was able to see the doctor since I had not been a patient before. I would highly recommend DOS to anyone that was in need of an orthopedic.

- Jessie L.

Dr. Andrisani is Amazing

Dr. Andrisani is amazing. From the first visit he took the time to go over my options and made me feel at ease when we decided to do knee surgery. He listens to your concerns and makes time for you. The whole office from the time you make your appointment with Nikki on the phone to going into the office are amazing. So caring and there to help you. They are the best and care for their patients. Thank you.

- Janet R.

The Best

Dr Solacoff and the entire staff at Delaware Orthopaedic Specialists are consummate, compassionate professionals. Dr Solacoff did my total knee replacement and I found him to be not only a great surgeon (I barely have a scar) but a great listener. He takes the time to explain things, offer all options available and answer any and all of your questions. After years of chronic knee pain, I’m now able to have pain free mobility and I thank the good doctor and all the staff at DOS for making it happen.

- LeRoy H.

Care About Patients

After a very complicated and serious back injury I couldn’t have asked for a better surgeon than Dr. Eskander. He recognized troubling symptoms right away and immediately took action to get me admitted to the hospital. During my hospital stay he was extremely attentive to my care. His assistant even came in over the weekend to ensure that my symptoms hadn’t worsened. Dr. Eskander did an exceptional job with my surgery despite it being complicated by other health issues. Prior to surgery I’d had difficulty walking due to the injury. Five months out, I’m back at work. Dr. Eskander made it a priority to get me back to my best possible activity level. He and his staff are excellent at what they do and very clearly care about the patients they treat.

- Jonathan H.

Very Manageable and Comfortable

I recently ran the Tokyo Marathon and although I have the typical physical issues that go along with a race, the major concerns with my knees had absolutely no impact or posed any challenge to the race. I had no pain at all in my knees, not even the more severe left knee. My hips had minimal discomfort at best. As a Masters Distance runner, I believe our HCP’s are partners in our training and an integral part of an athlete’s success and Dr. Rubano is an excellent example of that partner. For this last race in Japan, he helped make a very challenging course very manageable and comfortable. So thank you!

- Neil G.

Staff is Friendly

I would like to thank you all and especially Dr. Patterson for his expertise in surgery. I now have the use of my right hand back with no pain. I can’t wait to have the surgery done on my left hand. The staff is friendly and Beth is wonderful to work with to schedule appointments. Thank you all so much!

- Diana S.