Meet Our Shoulder Specialists

Doctors Andrisani, Mesa, and Palma specialize in Sports Medicine. Dr. Galinat specializes in shoulder surgery.

DOS has a team of fellowship trained physicians specializing in both operative and non-operative treatment & management of shoulder injuries. Our physicians treat patients of all ages -- from the weekend warriors to professional athletes. We pride ourselves on having a fully fellowship-trained Shoulder team, with extensive knowledge and expertise - ready to get you back in action!

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Patient Testimonials

Dr. Andrisani is Amazing

Dr. Andrisani is amazing. From the first visit he took the time to go over my options and made me feel at ease when we decided to do knee surgery. He listens to your concerns and makes time for you. The whole office from the time you make your appointment with Nikki on the phone to going into the office are amazing. So caring and there to help you. They are the best and care for their patients. Thank you.

- Janet R.

Shoulder Surgery

I first met Dr. Andrisani in Jan of 2017 when I had a left shoulder that was causing discomfort. After an MRI he ordered, he indicated the rotator cup was strained but not detached. He gave me a chortisone shot, which alleviated the discomfort. I was also introduced to the Dr,s enthusiasm for baseball. Later that year l reinsured the same shoulder and returned to Dr. Andrisani, where another MRI indicated a torn rotator cup. He recommended surgery. Surgery was performed as scheduled, during which additional shoulder damage was discovered and corrected. My experience with Dr. Andrisani and everyone of the staff I encountered were professional, courteous and efficient. The post operative treatment was informative and closely coordinated with the physical therapy. My experience with DOS , Dr. Andrisani, and staff exceeded all expectations.

- Bob R.

Very Kind and Caring

I just want to thank you for the care you’ve given me over the last 5 months since I injured my rotator cuff. You both have been very kind and caring the whole time. You always take the time to answer my questions and explain things to me in detail, using words I can understand. Morgan, you always answered my emailed questions quickly and accurately. You conduct yourself in a very professional manner, but at the same time you are very friendly. Your kindness always came through. Dr. Galinat, you always took the time to answer my questions thoroughly. You explained very technical things in a way I could understand them. I enjoyed talking golf with you. I felt like you really understood how disappointed I was to not be able to play in our annual Myrtle Beach golf outing. I appreciate how you handled my rehabilitation, taking it very slowly and making me wait 3 months to start PT, in spite of my impatience. I see now that was the best course of action.

- Darrell D.


It has been six months since you operated on my shoulder for a torn rotator cuff. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the very successful outcome I achieved as a result of your expertise. My whole experience with you and your very professional staff has been wonderful. You are to be commended on the practice that you run. Every single person I encountered did an excellent job. All personnel conducted themselves in a very capable manner, my questions were answered on a timely basis, appointment times were kept, and it appeared to me that your staff truly enjoys their work. I have full range of motion, with no pain, and am cautiously working on strengthening exercises. Again, thank you very much!

- Henry G.


For the past year I have had a minor rotator cuff injury that had not responded to exercise, massage or physical therapy. In fact, some of these modalities actually made it feel worse. Being a physician and an active workout enthusiast I needed to find something more effective and yet not totally invasive. I had the excellent fortune to find Dr. Bradley Bley who used his innovative techniques to both diagnose and treat the problem. Prior to working with Dr. Bley I’d only been able to discover surgical remedies, which created disability and potential side effects. Dr. Bradley Bley combines the acumen, skill and compassionate personality of the true physician. He is a treasure in our community and works with a stellar practice. I do not hesitate to highly recommend him to other clients and have already done so.

- Robert A.


Thank you, thank you, thank you to Dr. Galinat for enabling me to get my shoulder and back strengthened. I’m in the best shape than I’ve ever been. I have been working with a trainer and they follow your exercises on Prevention and Recovering from Shoulder Injuries.

- Anonymous


I want to thank Dr. Galinat very much for helping me get my shoulder in shape and pretty quickly too. I knew something was wrong because my shoulder didn’t feel right. Now it feels fine, thanks to your method. I started working with a trainer at the Y to build strength in my shoulder and the rest of my body to keep it strong. The Wilmington, Delaware community is fortunate to have a superior orthopedic surgeon of your caliber. I also want to thank your wonderful staff as well.

- Anonymous

Dr. Galinat - Kudos to you!

Dr. Brian Galinat - kudos to you! 

I am writing this because of the wonderful job Dr. Galinat did on my right shoulder. It was broken terribly and no one else would operate becuase of my age - 78 - and were going to let it 'heal naturally'. In stepped the good doctor to the rescue. Now, 1 year later, he discharged me today with a better than expected result. I am so grateful for his caring and expertise in shoulder surgery that I just wasnted all who read this to know not everyone gives up on you. Thanks again, Dr. Galinat!!

- JoAnn W.

Very Pleasant!

Dr. Galinat is very pleasant. Appointments were always on time. His ability to analyze and diagnose kept me from having surgery which was prescribed by another surgeon. Physical Therapy was ordered and the results were excellent!

- George L.