Joint Replacement

Meet Our Joint Replacement Specialists

The Specialists at DOS provide Joint Replacement care to more Delawareans than any other orthopaedic group in the state. Our Joint Replacement team includes three fellowship-trained Joint Replacement surgeons, meaning they have completed extensive training and research on Joint Replacement surgery. Our Joint Replacement physicians do nothing but Hip & Knee Replacements, honing in their skills and expertise to become the best in their fields.

Dr. Dellose and Dr. Rubano perform the most primary and revision Joint Replacements in the state of Delaware, currently ranked at #1 & #2 for Volume by Joint Replacement Surgeons.

Total Joint Replacement FAQ

The DOS team of Joint Replacement surgeons developed pre and post-operative protocols to best ensure your surgery proceeds as planned.
Frequently Asked Questions about Joint Replacement

Therapy & Injections

IOVERA Preoperative Treatment

Hyaluronic Acid Injections

Current Patients - Surgery Booklets

Wilmington Hospital – Total Hip Replacement

Wilmington Hospital – Total Knee Replacement

DE Outpatient Center for Surgery – Total Hip/Knee Replacement


The following educational links are written, peer-reviewed, and made possible by the courtesy of the AAHKS (American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons) which all of our Joint Replacement Specialists are members of.

General Information

Before Hip/Knee Replacement

After Hip Replacement

After Knee Replacement

Gait Training after Joint Replacement

Knee Arthritis

Patellar Tendonitis

Trochanteris Bursitis

Iliopsoas Tendonitis/Bursitis

Low Back Pain 

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