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DOS Foot & Ankle specialists provide both surgical and non-surgical treatment options for the most common to the most severe foot & ankle injuries. Injuries to the foot/ankle are challanging as they can affect a person's mobility and lifestyle. Our Foot & Ankle Specialists are here to help you get back to your active lifestyle! 

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Patient Testimonials

Challenging Arthritis

I have degenerative osteoarthritis that has moved into my feet. I can no longer run distances and the pain can be quite severe. Dr. Perscky spent a lot of time with me going over my x-rays and MRI. She explained everything in simple English and gave me quite a few alternatives to managing the pain and mobility. I have never had a doctor take that much time at each visit. She patiently listened and answered all my questions. She even re-laced my sneakers to alleviate the pain. I will continue to see her as needed and am so pleased to have found such a knowledgeable, patient and kind doctor.

- Pam W


Dr. Paul Kupcha performed my Achilles Tendon surgery in August of 2013. The surgery was a success. As I’m still in therapy, I also have follow up appointments with Dr. Kupcha and his PA. The level of professionalism and courtesy has been outstanding to say the least! Dr. Kupcha for starters has excellent bedside manner along with his staff. Each time I’ve gone for my follow up, Dr. Kupcha has provided outstanding service, given great advice and also asks how my family is doing, which is rare for some physicians. You can’t put a price on that level of service. Additionally, I don’t want to leave out his receptionists as they too have been welcoming during each visit. I pray I don’t have another injury requiring an Orthopedic Surgeon, but if I do, Dr. Kupcha and team will be my choice.

- Orlando A.


I had the privilege of finding Delaware Orthopaedic Specialists as a result of a broken ankle from slip and fall on ice. Dr. Voltz’s use of an honest, upfront approach when assessing all treatment options was amazing. After ordering an MRI for chronic back problems, was able to return my disability from employment into back to work status through physical therapy and proper home care treatments. Great job!

- Chris S.

Overall great care!

Easy to schedule, staff was friendly and accommodating, Dr. had great bedside manner, overall great care and very efficient.

- Karen J.