Delaware Musculoskeletal Ulstrasound

Dr. Bley and Dr. Voltz have additional training in the evaluation of musculoskeletal injuries utilizing ultrasound and ultrasound-guided procedures.

Ultrasound is an effective way to visualize the joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments and soft tissue structures of the musculo-skeletal system. A safe and effective way to examine the musculoskeletal system without exposure to x-ray radiation, musculoskeletal ultrasound enables the user to pinpoint the source of pain for many conditions and treat it effectively. Many of these procedures are minimally invasive and real-time imaging of the procedure allows for improved accuracy, decreased procedural pain, and improved safety.

Ultrasound is effective in the evaluation and treatment of many conditions including:

  • Corticosteroid injections for osteoarthritis or bursitis
  • Cyst aspiration (e.g.: Baker’s or ganglion cysts)
  • Chronic tendinosis or plantar fasciitis with Percutaneous Needle Tenotomy or Platelet Rich Plasma injections
  • Chronic muscle strains
  • Calcific tendinosis (Barbotage procedure)
  • Peripheral nerve entrapment or chronic nerve pain


Benefits of Ultrasound:


  • More comfortable procedure
  • Increased accuracy of injection
  • Ability to view soft tissue structures and potentially identify other sources of pain
  • No radiation exposure
  • No need for contrast
  • Alternative for patients intolerant of (claustrophobic) or unable to obtain an MRI
Delaware Musculoskeletal Ulstrasound | Delaware Orthopaedic Specialists

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